Thursday, March 12, 2015

Parade on the Water

There is something magical about parades. As children, they're one of our favorite things - after all, who wouldn't love a place to watch crazy cars, trucks, and motorcycles drive by as they throw buckets of candy out the window? But as adults, parades still have a certain unique appeal - they offer us a chance to relive our youth and take joy in life's simple pleasures.

If a normal parade can be that exciting, can you imagine what a parade on the water can be?

This weekend, you won't have to simply imagine it - you can experience it for yourself! Your friends at The Property Shop are here to give you all the details on one of the Lake's favorite annual events: The St. Patrick's Day Parade On The Water.

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St. Pat's Water Parade

Join us on the West Side this weekend for the 24th Annual St. Pat's Parade Water Parade on Saturday, March 14th. The parade will follow a new route this year, beginning at Captain Ron's. Head out early for the optional buffet breakfast beginning at 8:00 AM. The parade is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM.

The parade route will hit the following locations:
  • Captain Ron's
    • Mile Marker 34.5, Lake Road 5-50
  • Bear Bottom Resort
    • Mile Marker 38, Lake Road 5-36
  • Bulldog's Beach House
    • Mile Marker 33, Lake Road 5-65
  • Larry's on the Lake
    • Mile Marker 31, Pier 31 Road

A prize will be awarded to the "Best Decorated Boat & Crew," so there should be some fantastic displays awaiting us!

You can watch the parade at any of the participating locations, or you can get in the parade itself by reserving a ticket on the Celebration Cruise boat. Tickets are available for $25. Call 573-374-5500 to make reservations.

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Happy St. Pat's Weekend from The Property Shop

The entire team at our Lake of the Ozarks real estate agency wish you and your family a very happy St. Patrick's Day! If you're thinking about relocating or buying a second home at the Lake of the Ozarks, be sure to give us a call. We would love to help out with all of your real estate needs.

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