Thursday, February 26, 2015

Polar Bear Plunge 2015!

Break out those swimsuits! It may be February, but that won't stop us from having some fun at the Lake of the Ozarks. The Polar Bear Plunge returns to the Lake on Saturday, February 28th - and the real estate agents at The Property Shop at the Lake, LLC are excited to participate!

The Property Shop - Proud Supporters of the Plunge!

All of the team members at The Property Shop are huge supporters of the Polar Bear Plunge, and look forward to participating every year. As proud sponsors of this event, we donate $100 from every closing to the Plunge. This year, we started out with an initial donation of $7,500. From there, we have continued to raise donations that currently total well over $10,000! We are working towards a goal of $20,000, and there is still time to donate. If you would like to donate towards this great cause, we would love your support! Follow this link to donate to The Property Shop's campaign.

The Polar Bear Plunge - Lake of the Ozarks

The Polar Bear Plunge is an annual event at the Lake of the Ozarks designed to raise money for Special Olympics Missouri, a great organization designed to "promote acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through year-round sports." Special Olympics Missouri hosts Polar Bear Plunge events all across the state. The one at the Lake of the Ozarks is scheduled for Saturday, February 28th, 2015 at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park / Grand Glaize Beach

Participants in the Plunge raise a minimum of $75 each, and then plunge into the frigid Lake of the Ozarks waters on the big day. Participants can also take part in the Polar Bear Strut (a 5k) or the all-new Pee Wee Plunge (a Plunge for little kids that will take place at the indoor pool at Tan-Tar-A Resort).

This is always one of the best annual events at the Lake, and your Lake of the Ozarks REALTORS can't wait to Plunge this year!

See You On Saturday!

It may be a little snowy this weekend, but that won't stop us from having a great time at this year's Polar Bear Plunge. Our real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks love to see you at the Plunge - bring the whole family and come on out for a fun day at the Lake. This link will take you to the Polar Bear Plunge schedule of events

See you at the Plunge!!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Staging Your Home - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

If you're selling your home at the Lake of the Ozarks, it's time to become intimately acquainted with two very important words: home staging. Home staging refers to the process of setting up your home so it has maximum appeal to a wide range of potential buyers, and it is one of the most important steps you can take as you prepare to sell you home.

If you've never staged a home before, your friends at the Property Shop at the Lake are here to help you out! This cheat sheet will help you stage your home like a pro.

~  Depersonalize the home - remove family photos, kids' artwork, etc
~  Keep home thoroughly cleaned at all times
~  Repair any cracks and/or holes in the walls
~  Keep toys, books, games, blankets, and other objects off of the floor
~  Rearrange furniture to make rooms seem more spacious (if necessary)
~  Use candles or a Scentsy to make your home smell wonderful
~  Secure valuables in a safe
~  Hang mirrors on the wall to add light and space to the home

~  Make your bed every day
~  Organize your closets - or at the very least, keep the doors closed!
~  Declutter nightstands and dressers
~  Keep dirty clothes off of the floor
~  Place decorative pillows on the bed and one or two on any chairs
~  Use floor lamps and/or table lamps instead of the overhead light

~  Use courtesy spray to keep your bathroom smelling nice
~  Wipe down mirrors, counters, tubs, showers, and toilets daily
~  Keep toilet lids down
~  Clean and/or replace the shower curtain
~  Declutter counters - place personal toiletries in cabinets or drawers
~  Fold all towels daily and hang neatly on racks - buy new towels if necessary
~  Keep a fresh hand towel and soap in the bathroom for prospective buyers
~  Hang a few art pieces on the walls

~  Wipe down counters, stove, microwave, sink, and fridge daily
~  Declutter countertops
~  Remove stains from sinks, stoves, and other surfaces
~  Tuck sponges, brushes, and soap out of sight
~  Thoroughly clean the kitchen after every meal
~  Strategically place fresh flowers and cookbooks around the kitchen

~  Put away games, toys, electronics, and other belongings after every use
~  Move religious and/or political items out of sight
~  Put a floral or crystal centerpiece on the coffee table
~  Add decorative throw pillows to the couches and/or chairs
~  Soften the room with throw rugs

~  Wipe down washing machine, dryer, sinks, and counters daily
~  Keep cabinets and shelves clean and organized
~  Invest in a nice, new hamper
~  Keep dirty clothes out of sight
~  Hang artwork on the walls

This staging cheat sheet will get you started on the right track. If you'd like further help with home staging ideas, feel free to contact one of our real estate professionals at the Lake of the Ozarks! We would be happy to help you sell your Lake of the Ozarks home.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Why Should You Hire a Real Estate Agent?

Planning on buying or selling your home soon? Do yourself a huge favor and hire a Lake of the Ozarks real estate agent to represent you. A skilled real estate agent can guide you through the process and help advocate for your best interests. Real estate agents are wonderful resources that can greatly simplifying the process of buying or selling a home at the Lake of the Ozarks for you and your family. 

Here are some of the top reasons to hire a Realtor:

Real Estate Agents Are Your #1 Allies
Everyone encourages home buyers and sellers to not get emotionally invested in their real estate transactions, but that usually ends up being much easier said than done. Home buyers often become very attached to their new homes before the sale is complete, and home sellers are typically very eager for the sale to go through as well. Your real estate agent will be able to provide balanced, objective council to help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

Real Estate Agents Can Access Important Information
Real estate agents have access to important information on all of the homes for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks, sale prices of homes in your area, and current real estate trends. Without access to this information, buyers and sellers who choose to represent themselves are at a serious disadvantage.

Real Estate Agents Understand The Paperwork
When you buy a home, you will be required to sign more documents than you can count. Anyone who has purchased a home in the past can attest to this. Wading through so much paperwork can confuse and overwhelm even the most seasoned home buyers. Your real estate agent can simplify the process by helping you make sense of each document you are asked to sign.

Real Estate Agents Can Set Realistic Expectations
Do you know how much to expect to pay for an appraisal? What about the home inspection? Title insurance? Closing costs? Experienced real estate agents have been privy to multiple real estate transactions and will be able to provide a realistic estimate how much money you will be expected to pay during your transaction.

Real Estate Agents Are Valuable Resources
Licensed Lake of the Ozarks Realtors have experience, insights, and access to information about the real estate process and the local market. Buyers and sellers can use these resources to price their home effectively, successfully negotiate the price of a home, and more. 

The Property Shop Real Estate Agents Are Here For You!
Looking to hire a real estate agent at the Lake? We invite you to stop by The Property Shop at the Lake, LLC and meet our experienced team! Our dedicated agents are here to help you along every step of the way. 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welcome To The Property Shop's New Blog!!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the very first blog post from the Property Shop at the Lake, LLC - the Lake of the Ozarks' top real estate agency. We're excited to reach out to you, our current clients and our prospective clients, and begin building relationships with each of you via our new blog.

Your Local Real Estate Agency at the Lake

The Property Shop is a boutique real estate company at the Lake of the Ozarks. At The Property Shop, we place great importance on the qualities we believe are essential to high-quality real estate services:
  • Knowledge
  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Accessibility
  • Confidence
  • Positivity, and...
  • GREAT Attitudes!
Armed with these great attributes, The Property Shop's real estate agents are ready to help you find the homes and condos of your dreams!

Connect With Us on Social Media

In order to better serve our clients, we've taken it upon ourselves to revamp our social media presence. We will be posting about real estate trends, buying and selling homes at the Lake of the Ozarks, and events taking place in our wonderful community. Follow our social media channels to ensure that you don't miss out on any of this great info!

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Buying? Selling? We Can Help!

Our dedicated team members have the experience and the skills you need to conduct a successful real estate transaction at the Lake. Next time you're thinking about selling your home or buying a second home at the Lake, be sure to give The Property Shop a call!

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