Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Perks of Living Full Time at the Lake of the Ozarks

The votes are in -- the Lake of the Ozarks is a GREAT place to live! The Lake Area is a wonderful place to visit on the weekends and all summer long, but living at the Lake of the Ozarks has its own unique set of benefits. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to live at the Lake full-time.

1. You Get The Best Of Both Worlds
One of our favorite things about living at the Lake is the way you get the feel of living in a small town and living in a busy, urban area at the same time. Some people estimate that the Lake Area hosts approximately one million tourists every summer, but no one comes here but the locals during the off-season. Where else can you get to experience all the excitement of a busy tourist location, but also get to enjoy the peaceful solitude that only comes from being next to a big, empty body of water?

2. You Can Boat To Your Favorite Restaurant
The Lake of the Ozarks is home to one of the most unique experiences you will ever find; you can jump in your boat and take it directly to your favorite restaurant without ever having to get in a car! There are tons of different restaurants that are located right on the water all over the Lake - boaters can choose their favorite locations, boat to the restaurants' docks, and walk straight up the pier to their favorite food at the Lake. There's nothing like it!

3. You Don't Have To Travel To Go On Vacation
Why spend all that money on travel when you could put that same money towards your home at the Lake of the Ozarks - and still get to enjoy all the perks of being on vacation? The Lake is home to hundreds of awesome attractions like boating, fishing, hiking, mini golf, caves, and more. When you live in a vacation destination, you can take advantage of all the fun activities and attractions without having to travel to get there

4. You Get To Enjoy The Lake And The Attractions - And You Don't Have To Wait 'Til The Weekend
Just like you don't have to travel to go on vacation when you buy a house at the Lake of the Ozarks, you also don't have to wait for the weekend to kick off your celebrations. Every night of the week can be a party when you live here full-time! Not only that, but by being able to go out during the week, you can avoid the big weekend crowds. 

Find Your New Home At The Lake Of The Ozarks Today!
It's true; there's nothing quite like living at the Lake. If you are considering relocating to the Lake of the Ozarks, we would love to set up a time to get together! Our team of Lake of the Ozarks real estate agents is very familiar with everything our great area has to offer and would be happy to help you find the home of your dreams. Give us a call to get started!

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