Friday, July 31, 2015

8 Awesome Benefits Of Owning A Swimming Pool

On a hot summer day, there are few things as enticing as the idea of slipping into a private swimming pool in your very own backyard. If you think that buying a house with an in-ground swimming pool (or installing one on your own) sounds like a great idea, you'e not wrong - but did you know that the benefits go beyond having an easy way to cool off or a pretty landscaping addition? Your friends at The Property Shop At The Lake are here to point out some of the unique added benefits of having a home with its own swimming pool.

1. Home Value
A private swimming pool is a great example of a home improvement project that increases the monetary worth of your property. A pool becomes a permanent fixture, and it will appreciate in value just like anything else!

2. Entertaining
A swimming pool turns a normal backyard into an ideal location for entertaining family members and friends. Pool parties, barbecues, birthday parties... it doesn't matter what event you're planning - your new backyard will be the perfect venue!

3. Exercise
While your physical health does not have any impact on your home, your home can have a big impact on your physical health. Swimming is great way to exercise without putting a lot of strain on your body. Having your own private pool can be a great incentive to stay on top of your exercise regime! 

4. Staycations
Why travel far away for a vacation when you could have one right here at home? Preparing for a big trip can be incredibly time-consuming (not to mention expensive). "Staycations" are mini-vacations that happen right here at home - and having your very own swimming pool can be a great way to make your staycation even more enticing!

5. Stress Relief
Study after study has shown that being around water greatly lowers our stress levels. Not only that, but being around happy, laughing kids can be a great way to ease our stress. Having a pool in your own backyard offers easy access to both of these great stress-relievers!

6. Incentive To Get The Kids Outside
A lot of parents today are becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of time their children spend indoors playing video games. If you have a private swimming pool, however, chances are that your kids will be much more excited at the idea of spending time outside!

7. Better Sleep
Insomnia and other sleep problems seem to be a big issue for a lot of people in today's world. Having an at-home swimming pool will give you an easy excuse to get outside and be more physically active, both of which will tire you out and help you to sleep better.

8. Get Family And Friends To Come To You
Tired of always making the drive to see the people you care about? Having a swimming pool instantly makes your home more appealing to everyone in your social circles - before you know it, everyone will be coming to you (instead of the other way around)!

No matter whether your decide to buy a house at the Lake of the Ozarks that already has a pool or put one in yourself, it's easy to see why having your own private swimming pool could be a great idea! If you're ready to buy a new house at the Lake, we hope you'll reach out to the team at The Property Shop. We would love to help you find your dream home!

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